Healthy Heroes are a small team of children’s physical education specialists. Our aim is simple:

To give children the skills needed for a life time of physical activity.

We support teachers in the delivery of curriculum PE and engage children out of school with our holiday camps and extra-curricular clubs. Our passion for lifelong fitness lies at the heart of everything we do. Our delivery is innovative fun and unlike anything your children have experienced before.

The Importance of Fundamental Movement Skills
Fundamental Movement Skills are the building blocks required to form more generalised, specific sports skills. They are the physical equivalent of ...
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Importance of the Mid-Line
What side are you on?
I mean, when it comes to your brain.
You have probably heard that most of us fall into right ot left side dominant when it comes to our brain...
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5 Things That Primary School Teachers Do That Really Annoy PE Providers
(But We're Too Polite To Complain About)

We, the primary school PE providers are, by nature, an understanding lot.
Over the years...
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